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27 October 2021

Hundred Languages of Colours

Delving deeper into some of our preschool children’s interest in colours and rainbows, a journey commenced exploring the Hundred Languages of Colours. Colour is a universal language beyond words, yet enables us to communicate on a deeper level. Colour has the ability to evoke thoughts and questions as well as awaken memories, stimulate senses and represent abstract ideas. The exploration began by looking at the hundred languages of ‘red’. “That is light red and that flower is dark red” exclaimed a child, “White added to red makes pink”, “When you mix colours, you’ll be happy” exclaimed another.

19 October 2021

Constructing Knowledge

Constructing knowledge through deconstruction – How do these machines we use everyday work? The children expressed interest in investigating a laptop’s inner workings. Over the week, they began to dismantle one old laptop and discuss the different electronic materials within. “If we find the photo keeper, we can find the photos it took”, a child exclaimed. “I found the computer chip”, shared another. Using the tools, the children were provided with an opportunity to utilise their developing manipulative movements and bilateral coordination.

06 October 2021

Observational Drawing

When children are invited to step into a relationship with an object, they begin to see, think and wonder. Their senses are captivated and their minds and hearts are engaged. Observational drawing allows children to slow down and develop skills for looking closely and communicating what they see and think. Our Atelierista invited the children to explore leaf observational drawing. They began to capture the shapes, lines, dots and holes in the leaves that were displayed. “My leaf has many lines” exclaimed a child, “My leaf has holes, this could be the eyes” exclaimed another child.

01 March 2021

Weekend Tour

Join us for a Weekend Tour to experience the Blue House Difference to early years education!

From parent accompanied programmes for children 6 months old to full day school for Senior Kindergarten for 6 year olds, our strong image of the child is the cornerstone to our responsive and respectful approach to children’s learning.