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The Natural World Playgroup

22 August to 11 November 2022 Join us on a voyage through the colours, sights, sounds, textures, environments and inhabitants of the intriguing world around

Enrolment spots open at Blue House Rambai Childcare

Enrolment spots are now open! Since opening its doors to families in the East, the community at Blue House Rambai has flourished and grown! Enrolment

27 October 2021

Hundred Languages of Colours

Delving deeper into some of our preschool children’s interest in colours and rainbows, a journey commenced exploring the Hundred Languages of Colours. Colour is a

19 October 2021

Constructing Knowledge

Constructing knowledge through deconstruction – How do these machines we use everyday work? The children expressed interest in investigating a laptop’s inner workings. Over the

06 October 2021

Observational Drawing

When children are invited to step into a relationship with an object, they begin to see, think and wonder. Their senses are captivated and their