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4 September to 24 November 2023

Discover Music Programme at Rambai

“Finding Our Voice” The voice is a powerful tool for humans to express themselves. The “Voice” refers to our vocals and indicates our presence in

3 April to 23 June

Paper Playgroup

We invite your children to join us for the final Playgroup at the Turf Club Atelier and embark on an explorative and experiential journey to

Benefits of Bringing My Child to a Playgroup

Thinking of bringing your child to a parent accompanied playgroup? At Blue House International, we provide a safe space for children and parents to interact.

17 to 21 October

Fitness & Mindfulness

We would like to invite your children for a week of Fitness with Mindfulness. We will be exploring intentional engagement and integration of the mind

The Natural World Playgroup

22 August to 11 November 2022 Join us on a voyage through the colours, sights, sounds, textures, environments and inhabitants of the intriguing world around

27 October 2021

Hundred Languages of Colours

Delving deeper into some of our preschool children’s interest in colours and rainbows, a journey commenced exploring the Hundred Languages of Colours. Colour is a