Paper Playgroup

We invite your children to join us for the final Playgroup at the Turf Club Atelier and embark on an explorative and experiential journey to discover and interpret paper as a material and medium.

Paper is everywhere and has been telling us stories for centuries. It has evolved to become an essential part of human life and culture. However, this versatile and essential material is often overlooked and underrated. We are excited to present the “Language of Paper”
to children and watch how this pliant and humble medium will be transformed and reformed from their perspective.

Paper is an open-ended material that provides us with infinite possibilities to use in various experiences, opening up new vistas of
learning through experience and exploration.

Join us as we challenge our understanding of the many possibilities paper offers us to drive our learning and be inspired!

Single Playgroup session = $50 (ad-hoc)
1 Playgroup session per week = 6 sessions @$270
1 Playgroup session per week = 12 sessions @$480
* All playgroup sessions must be booked in advance

For all enquiries or to book a session, please call or email

T: +65 6462 6547 E: atelier@bluehouseinternational.com