Benefits of enrolling my child in a Playgroup programme

Benefits of enrolling my child in a Playgroup programme

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When it comes to a child’s formative growth, the early years are the most important. Our Playgroup programme is fun yet a resourceful means of helping your child to interact with other children of their age, in a safe and friendly learning environment. Joining our programme can also shape the child’s confidence, social skills, curiosity, and etiquette. There are more advantages that our playgroup programme has to offer!

All that you can expect from our Playgroup programme

Help in Communication and Language Development

Our playgroup programme provide children with a place to engage with a plethora of new experiences in a warm nurturing environment. It creates a stimulating environment where children’s ideas can be challenged, and curiosity is welcomed – all whilst honing new skills and practicing existing ones. The right playgroup leverages this curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in children by offering them a safe, fun space to participate in and enjoy novel activities in groups. Such a dynamic environment helps establish the eagerness to learn and acquire new abilities.

Boost Physical Development and Growth

Our playgroup wing both indoors & out offers opportunities for children to physically explore., our playgroup programme in Singapore gives your children the opportunity to try a range of activities. From puzzles to crafts, running to dancing, moulding play dough to playing with toys, children have a myriad of activities and exercises to choose from at Blue House. Different physical activities allow children to improve different skills, including enhanced balance, increased strength, faster physical development, and flexibility.

Helps Children to Express their Emotions

Children are known to first use stories, paintings, and other art forms before they address their emotions verbally. An appropriate playgroup focuses on introducing them to game, art, and crafts to help nurture their expressions. At Blue House, children learn through interaction-based learning as educators assist children in exploring and learning without restrictions.

When toddlers encounter difficult situations, they promptly express their feelings during recreation & providing an environment rich in resources supports this need.

“Help Children Adapt Easily to New Environments

Children are adaptable by nature, and at Blue House, we nurture this adaptability by working closely with specialists, such as our Music Pedagogista. Our collaborative approach brings fresh ideas to life, conducting sessions like Discover Music to engage and enrich the children’s learning experiences.

As your child embarks on their first venture into school, they become more independent and form new relationships. This foundation supports their seamless transition throughout their school journey at Blue House.”

Enroll in our playgroup programme at our award-winning preschool in Singapore today! Blue House provides children with enriching experiences that foster exploration and self-discovery. Our unique access to natural resources and real, unusual materials enhances sensory learning, allowing children to learn about the world and themselves.

Our thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor environments empower young children to provoke curiosity and explore independently in a stimulating and creative atmosphere. Join us to give your child all the benefits and beyond at Blue House.

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