The Natural World Playgroup

22 August to 11 November 2022

Join us on a voyage through the colours, sights, sounds, textures, environments and inhabitants of the intriguing world around us. Your children will be immersed in experiences that replicate the phenomena of our rainforests, deserts, lakes and skies. Observe as your children interact with the open-ended experiences, specially curated for them and be in wonder of their creative capacity.

Single Playgroup session = $50 (ad-hoc)
1 Playgroup session per week = 6 sessions @$240
2 Playgroup sessions per week = 12 sessions @$480
3 Playgroup sessions per week = 18 sessions @$920*

All playgroup sessions must be booked in advance *
Price includes 1 adult and 1 child per session

Special Offer
Sign up for a minimum of 6 sessions and receive 1
complementary Open Exploration session!

For all enquiries or to book a session, please call or email

T: +65 6462 6547 E: atelier@bluehouseinternational.com