Newman Family

Both children attended Blue House Infant & Toddler Atelier playgroups since they were babies. They were both really happy exploring the indoor atelier environment and the outdoor spaces of the school and it felt like it was a natural transition to join the preschool. We were looking for a positive atmosphere where the children could enjoy learning. They both settled extremely well with the excellent support of the teachers who have a passion for stimulating and inspiring children, creating a homely and exciting learning environment. We wanted our children to be encouraged and free to be themselves.

Our youngest absolutely loves the messy sensory experiences with paint, sand, rice, coffee granules, orange peels, feathers and glue. He goes through at least two changes of clothes per day! We’re so grateful that he gets to experience the joy of experimenting with these materials! Our daughter is currently interested in counting, numbers and shapes so she likes using Unifix cubes and geoboards. Her favourite part of the week is a tie between the outdoor water play and walks to the field. We also look forward to cultural celebrations such as the MidAutumn Festival lantern walk and making mooncakes.