The Stories of Spring
28 March – 14 April 2022
Special 3 week playgroup programme at Infant & Toddler Atelier, Turf City.
The spring greets the skin as butterfly wings greet the air, with gentle uplifting confidence. –      Angela Abraham

We will be diving deep into the world of Springtime! Spring is a season of fragrance, freshness and flowers. Even though we may not experience all four seasons in Singapore; the ever-changing aspect of the natural world is universal. We will use the power of storytelling to bring children’s imagination, wonder and ideas to life, using the lens of spring!

In the next three weeks, we will explore the changes that happen in the natural world during Springtime. We are incredibly excited to present our next theme “Stories of Spring”. The Language of Spring provides endless opportunities to explore flowers, seeds, colours, animals and weather. We are keen to explore these materials through the eyes of young children. Join us for a nature-inspired Playgroup Programme that will bring forth a rich array of sensorial experiences.

Single Playgroup session = $50 (ad-hoc)

1 Playgroup session per week = 3 sessions @$120

2 Playgroup session per week = 6 sessions @$230

3 Playgroup session per week = 9 sessions @$340

* All playgroup sessions must be booked in advance

* Price includes 1 adult and 1 child per session

Special Offer: Sign up for the “Stories of Spring” playgroup together with the next 12-week Playgroup series inspiration “Plastic” from 18 April – 8 July 2021 and receive $100 worth of complementary sessions!