Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Our hearts were as full as the moon last Friday as we celebrated the mid-autumn festival across all Blue House campuses. We lit up the neighbourhoods around our schools on our lantern walk, grateful that every Blue House campus serves to be a hub of its community.

Discover Music Programme at Rambai

“Finding Our Voice”

The voice is a powerful tool for humans to express themselves. The “Voice” refers to our vocals and indicates our presence in a situation. Therefore we will start the year’s Discover Music programme, exploring various ways children can express themselves using various vocal means.

We will explore different emotions through their vocal range, with musical accompaniment. Diving into vocal exploration, the children will experiment with vocal warm-ups and discover the sensation of the singing voice through Vocal Glissandos (change of pitch in the vocal range). We will also listen to the voices from nature and within their environments, exploring the mimicry of these sounds through their voices. To strengthen children’s awareness of how powerful their voice can be in self-expression, we explore ways to channel their emotions and actions through fragment singing, including Arioso (solo vocal piece, usually performed in opera) which supports the children’s original musical thinking.

Cost: $120 per month for 4 sessions
PG & N1 on Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:00 pm
N2 & K1/K2 on Thursdays 4:00 – 5:00 pm

For further information, please email: principal.rb@bluehouseinternational.com or call: +65 6445 5765

Paper Playgroup

We invite your children to join us for the final Playgroup at the Turf Club Atelier and embark on an explorative and experiential journey to discover and interpret paper as a material and medium.

Paper is everywhere and has been telling us stories for centuries. It has evolved to become an essential part of human life and culture. However, this versatile and essential material is often overlooked and underrated. We are excited to present the “Language of Paper”
to children and watch how this pliant and humble medium will be transformed and reformed from their perspective.

Paper is an open-ended material that provides us with infinite possibilities to use in various experiences, opening up new vistas of
learning through experience and exploration.

Join us as we challenge our understanding of the many possibilities paper offers us to drive our learning and be inspired!

Single Playgroup session = $50 (ad-hoc)
1 Playgroup session per week = 6 sessions @$270
1 Playgroup session per week = 12 sessions @$480
* All playgroup sessions must be booked in advance

For all enquiries or to book a session, please call or email

T: +65 6462 6547 E: atelier@bluehouseinternational.com

Benefits of Bringing My Child to a Playgroup

Thinking of bringing your child to a parent accompanied playgroup?
At Blue House International, we provide a safe space for children and parents to interact.

When it comes to a child’s formative growth, the early years are the most important. Playgroups are fun yet resourceful means of helping your child to interact with other children of their age, in a safe and friendly learning environment. Playgroups can also shape the child’s confidence, social skills, curiosity, and etiquette. There are more advantages that a playgroup has to offer!

All That You Can Expect from Infant & Toddler Playgroups

Parent accompanied playgroups offer parents and caregivers an opportunity to meet other families whilst supporting children in making social connections in both indoor and outdoor environments. Children grow in confidence by joining class groups at the same time each week, with our team of early years facilitators leading families on a journey that builds upon the previous week’s discoveries.

At parent-accompanied playgroups, Children have the freedom to explore movement, music, art, rhymes, stories, group projects, dramatic plays. Apart from their stimulating and creative atmosphere, there are several other benefits to sending your child to a daycare playgroup:

Help in Communication and Language Development

Playgroups provide children with a place to engage with a plethora of new experiences in a warm nurturing environment. It creates a stimulating environment where children’s ideas can be challenged, and curiosity is welcomed – all whilst honing new skills and practicing existing ones. The right playgroup leverages this curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in children by offering them a safe, fun space to participate in and enjoy novel activities in groups. Such a dynamic environment helps establish the eagerness to learn and acquire new abilities.

Boost Physical Development and Growth

The atelier space both indoors & out offers opportunities for children to physically explore., the dedicated playgroup in Singapore gives your children the opportunity to try a range of activities. From puzzles to crafts, running to dancing, moulding play dough to playing with toys, children have a myriad of activities and exercises to choose from at Blue House. Different physical activities allow children to improve different skills, including enhanced balance, increased strength, faster physical development, and flexibility.

Helps Children to Express their Emotions

Children are known to first use stories, paintings, and other art forms before they address their emotions verbally. An appropriate playgroup focuses on introducing them to game, art, and crafts to help nurture their expressions. At Blue House, children learn through interaction-based learning as educators assist children in exploring and learning without restrictions.

When toddlers encounter difficult situations, they promptly express their feelings during recreation & providing an environment rich in resources supports this need.

Help Children Adapt Easily to New Environments

Children are adaptable by nature. Our Art, Music & Mandarin specialists visit atelier from time to time to contribute their ideas and conduct sessions with the educators to make playgroups more interactive and fun.

By participating in playgroups children become more independent and it helps them form new relationships. It also helps in a smooth and less stressful transition from Infant & Toddler atelier to our preschool.

Join the Playgroup at The Award-Winning Preschool in Singapore Today!

If you are looking for a playgroup that can give your child all the benefits and beyond, Blue House is the best pick! We have a dedicated Infant and Toddler playgroup in Singapore, taking children on a thorough exploration of real, unusual materials like fabric, paper, metal, plastic, and natural resources for sensory learning!

Blue House playgroups are offered at both Infant & Toddler Atelier. Our indoor and outdoor playgroups are designed to empower young children to provoke curiosity and explore independently in a stimulating and creative atmosphere.

Check our weekly schedule to get what you are looking for!

Want to learn more about us? Contact a representative at Blue House International to get your queries answered. Call us now!

Fitness & Mindfulness

We would like to invite your children for a week of Fitness with Mindfulness. We will be exploring intentional engagement and integration of the mind and body. During the week children will be introduced to Fitness through the sessions with Soccajoeys. Simultaneously children will be working alongside a trained Yoga instructor, who is also a Blue House parent (Tal Rafel) to provide Yoga sessions.

We hope to work alongside the trained professionals to provide children with the opportunity to build their confidence and learn new skills in a fun and healthy way, regardless of your child’s level and ability in sports or Yoga. Kindly note that the professional coaches will only work with children two years and above.

Meanwhile, the Pre-Nursery class will experience a playgroup session at the Infant Toddler Atelier on Monday and Wednesday and have a sensorial experience in our beautiful community garden, and go for walks around the community. These experiences will enable them to get to know the campus and the wider community. It will also challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and develop the confidence to encounter new spaces along with their educators.

Safety and precautionary measures
We assure you that our educators will always accompany the children; they will not be left alone with professional instructors. Your children will remain within their class groups/levels throughout the day.
We look forward to having lots of fun and games with your children during this break.

$90 per morning, 9am – 12pm
$400 (incl GST), 5 consecutive days,
9 am – 12noon

Programme Details:
Date: 17 to 21 October
Time: 9am to 12pm

For all enquiries or to book a session, please call or email

T: +65 6734 0824 E: enquiries.tc@bluehouseinternational.com

The Natural World Playgroup

22 August to 11 November 2022

Join us on a voyage through the colours, sights, sounds, textures, environments and inhabitants of the intriguing world around us. Your children will be immersed in experiences that replicate the phenomena of our rainforests, deserts, lakes and skies. Observe as your children interact with the open-ended experiences, specially curated for them and be in wonder of their creative capacity.

Single Playgroup session = $50 (ad-hoc)
1 Playgroup session per week = 6 sessions @$240
2 Playgroup sessions per week = 12 sessions @$480
3 Playgroup sessions per week = 18 sessions @$920*

All playgroup sessions must be booked in advance *
Price includes 1 adult and 1 child per session

Special Offer
Sign up for a minimum of 6 sessions and receive 1
complementary Open Exploration session!

For all enquiries or to book a session, please call or email

T: +65 6462 6547 E: atelier@bluehouseinternational.com


Hundred Languages of Colours

Delving deeper into some of our preschool children’s interest in colours and rainbows, a journey commenced exploring the Hundred Languages of Colours. Colour is a universal language beyond words, yet enables us to communicate on a deeper level. Colour has the ability to evoke thoughts and questions as well as awaken memories, stimulate senses and represent abstract ideas. The exploration began by looking at the hundred languages of ‘red’. “That is light red and that flower is dark red” exclaimed a child, “White added to red makes pink”, “When you mix colours, you’ll be happy” exclaimed another.

Constructing Knowledge

Constructing knowledge through deconstruction – How do these machines we use everyday work? The children expressed interest in investigating a laptop’s inner workings. Over the week, they began to dismantle one old laptop and discuss the different electronic materials within. “If we find the photo keeper, we can find the photos it took”, a child exclaimed. “I found the computer chip”, shared another. Using the tools, the children were provided with an opportunity to utilise their developing manipulative movements and bilateral coordination.

Observational Drawing

When children are invited to step into a relationship with an object, they begin to see, think and wonder. Their senses are captivated and their minds and hearts are engaged. Observational drawing allows children to slow down and develop skills for looking closely and communicating what they see and think. Our Atelierista invited the children to explore leaf observational drawing. They began to capture the shapes, lines, dots and holes in the leaves that were displayed. “My leaf has many lines” exclaimed a child, “My leaf has holes, this could be the eyes” exclaimed another child.