Blue House Resident Artist Programme

At Blue House, we do not see children as isolated in their learning experiences. We place children at the centre of the learning journey, surrounded by people, information, materials, resources and an environment that will inspire and provoke ways of thinking, doing and being.  We do not provide children with knowledge to digest, rather we create an environment where they are encouraged to investigate for themselves, to hypothesise, question, problem solve and theorise and to do so both collaboratively and independently.

As part of this effort, we invite Resident Artists Stefanie Hauger, and Isabelle Desjeux of L’Observatoire at Blue House, into the school community, to work and create on site, to collaborate with our educators and to work alongside our children.

Surrounding children with a learning community that believes they are capable strengthens their connection with the world and sees them create value and place importance on who they are in it.  Such is the wonder of the early years experience.

Click here for more information about Stefanie and Isabelle, and the incredible knowledge they contribute to our community of learning for children.