Karung Guni – Children Working By Design, An Ongoing Recycling Project

The Blue House ‘Karung Guni’ is an innovative space which offers a myriad of possibilities for children to explore and create with the widest range of reused, recycled and retrieved materials. When children visit this fascinating space, they are enticed to rummage through the amazing recycled collections and are inspired to build and create with their ‘found treasures’.

The Art Atelier and Karung Guni offers infinite opportunities for children to expand on their creativity and imagination…here, the possibilities are endless.

If you are an individual or a company who is interested in contributing any found or unused treasures to our atelier, we welcome and opportunity to connect with you.

We are always on the lookout for artists or individuals who enjoy ‘tinkering’ to spend time with us, creating alongside Blue House children.

Please contact us to arrange a visit.