A word with Blue House Pedagogista, Doli Balisi-Lizaso

Blue House is a special place.  For children, for families, for staff and for the greater community we are a part of, and contribute widely too.  


We believe in the strength and the power of education to change the world, and we feel privileged to be a part of that very initial journey.  We believe in our vision of building a foundation for children from 6 months old to 6 years old, where they are respected, cared for and supported with a schooling experience driven by unlimited possibilities.  Where their voices are given meaning and guidance, and where their uniqueness is greatly valued and encouraged.  


Blue House Pedagogista Doli Balisi-Lizaso pens her thoughts here as to her own Blue House journey.  Ms Doli’s role is as Mentor, “Teacher of Teachers”, becoming heavily involved in driving the consistency and quality of Blue House’s educational framework, challenging the depth and richness of the children’s projects and experiences and bringing a wide range of professional development opportunities to our team of Educators.  Doli’s words provide inspiration to us all and hold us to a higher standard as Educators, staff and as a community.


Ms. Doli (third from left) pictured here with Blue House Founder Shona Sanosi (far left) and the Blue House Pedagogical Team


“I belong to this special place.


In this place, I gain mastery of theories as the children construct knowledge about the world.


I get better at my practice, as the children learn to become members of democratic and egalitarian communities.


I reflect about the way I commune with the world, as children become more aware of their role as stewards of the planet.


I become connected with myself, as the children build connections with peers and mentors.


I gain a deeper understanding of the creative process as children give shape to their ideas.


I celebrate people more, because the children are joyful around me and they appreciate my presence around them.


I value life more and see the world with fresh eyes, when I wonder with the children and they follow their curiosities.


I belong to this special place and I am made more special because of it”.