July Holiday Programme

The World Around Us – Exploring Without Boundaries

Children are intuitively curious about the world
around them. We hope to harness this curiosity
and go on an expedition around the globe to seek
answers and glean some knowledge. During the
three weeks of the July holiday programme, we
will attempt to introduce the complex topic of
diversity and global perspectives to young
children. We desire to journey across various
continents using our senses to cherish and
celebrate heterogeneity and diversity. As future
citizens, we aspire for them to see the world as a
a multitude of people, languages, cultures, habits,
beliefs and much more.

Over the three weeks, we will be looking at the
local biomes, natural habitats, landmarks, and
weather patterns to understand how they shape
the lifestyle, values and beliefs of the people in
that region. We will also look at the various
languages spoken in these continents whilst
binding them with the universal language of music.
Below is a brief overview of the three-week
programme. Please note that we will tailor the
experiences to suit the learning needs of the
children at each level.

$90 (incl GST) per day
$320 Week 1 (4 consecutive days)
$400 Week 2 & 3 (5 consecutive days)

Week 1: 12 – 15 July (11 July Hari Raya PH)
Week 2: 18 – 22 July
Week 3: 25 – 29 July

9am – 12noon – Drop Off from 8.30am

To Register: https://bit.ly/julyholidayprogramme