Discover Harmony

For all enquiries, please contact Ms. Kelly Heylen, Admissions & Family Liaison Officer
+65 6734 0824

Discover Harmony, a celebration of one of the cornerstones of the Blue House Pedagogy – the power and value of each child’s unique voice.  In Discover Harmony children will become confident and comfortable expressing themselves using their single greatest gift – their voices.

TERM 1 “Sing!”

Every one of us is born with our very own unique instrument – our voice.  During this term, children will be encouraged to celebrate and nurture the unique and powerful gift of their voices.  Children will be introduced to basic singing techniques through play and imagination; will familiarise themselves with the music scale through song; and they will discover the magic of singing individually and as a group.  Welcome to the first ever Blue House Harmony!

TERM 2 “Express”

Children will be invited to break down and investigate how different elements of a song come together to create a rich musical experience.  With an emphasis on storytelling through song, children will journey through a variety of languages to create their own stories and they will also be encouraged to explore how they can use various parts of their body to better express their inner self through song.

TERM 3 “Share”

We will take children on a journey down memory lane to explore how music has evolved over time.  Children will be exposed to a variety of genres including classical, jazz, rock, musical, opera, metal and more.  Towards the end of the term, children will be challenged to integrate their discoveries into a showcase where they can perform solo and/or in groups to share their gift, their learning and their ‘song’ with the world!