The Application Process

We warmly invite all families wishing to apply for a place at Blue House Nursery & International Preschool to apply at any time throughout the year.  We are not a selective school and do not assess children upon the offer of placement; all applications will be equally considered in chronological order of receipt.  We proudly do not charge an Application Fee or Waitlist Fee.  We strongly believe in education being available to all children equally.

Application Priority
Priority placements will be offered only to the following children in this order; siblings of current Blue House children, Blue House alumni families, children who have joined a full Playgroup series at our Infant & Toddler Atelier and children who have joined a full Discover Class series at Blue House.

Application Process
Please click on the Online Application button below to formally apply for a place at Blue House.  Applications of any other kind will not be accepted.  Your child will be deemed to have formally applied, upon receiving in writing from Blue House an acknowledgement of the receipt of your fully completed application form and supporting documentation.

Offer of Placement
Upon application, all children will be placed on our waitlist until places for their preferred start date are opened.

Class Placements for the Academic Year 2016/17 will be made according to the following dates.  In some cases, class placements may be also made earlier dependent on availability:

Term 1 (5/9/16 – 15/12/16) – offers made from 9 May 2016
Term 2 (2/1/17 – 30/3/17) – offers made from 24 October 2016
Term 3 (17/4/17 – 30/6/17) – offers made from 6 February 2017

Class Placements for the Academic Year 2017/18 will be made according to the following dates:

Term 1 (4/9/17 – 14/12/17) – offers made from 8 May 2017

Exact placement offer dates for all terms after Term 1, Academic Year 2017/18 will be advised shortly.  Families are welcome to submit an application for those future terms and will be placed on our waitlist in order of receipt and upon written acknowledge of the receipt of the application.

Families are welcome to enquire into their place on our waitlist and likelihood of a place becoming available at any time and we warmly welcome you to do so.  We are not able to guarantee when or if a place will be offered at any time, as often places available will be dependent on children withdrawing from the class.

Admission Age Guidelines
You may apply to enrol your child into the following year levels by age:

Nursery Programme: Between 18 months and 3 years old by 1 September of that academic year.  Kindly note that for Nursery aged children, we use the ages as a guideline only and will endeavour to make the enrolment placement based on what is best for your child at that time.

Preschool Programme: 3 years old by 1 September of that academic year

Junior Kindergarten: 4 years old by 1 September of that academic year

Senior Kindergarten: 5 years old by 1 September of that academic year

Kindly note that for the Preschool, Junior and Senior Kindergarten programmes age guidelines will be strictly adhered to.  We will not place a child in any other class, other than that which corresponds to the child’s exact birth date.

Offer Acceptance
At the time that your child is formally offered a place at Blue House, you will be invited to submit a range of documentation to complete the formal enrolment process.  An invoice will be sent requesting payment of the Registration Fee, Deposit and First Term’s Fee.  Your child will not be deemed to have accepted their place at Blue House or be formally enrolled until such time as the above fees are paid in full and all requested documentation is received.

The Registration Fee is a one-time only payment and is non-refundable.  The Deposit is fully refundable upon your child’s withdrawal from Blue House provided the formal withdrawal date deadline has been adhered to.  Please refer to the formal Terms & Conditions provided to you upon enrollment for further information in that regard.  For further information with regard to fees, please click here.

We look forward to receiving your child’s application and to warmly welcoming you to the Blue House community.