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Our Team

Shona Sanosi

Shona Sanosi – School Director and Co-Owner

I am originally from the UK and hold the NNEB qualification and include over 20 years of experience of working with young children and their families in my working resume. In addition to being the director of Blue House International School I continue to assist families as an Early Year’s Advisor. I am married to Ben Sanosi and together we opened the school for our children, Ella and Alfie, our curious and creative twins who were born in 2006.

In 2007, I started to research more about the Reggio Emilia Approach and with this investigation came a renewed energy and I was inspired to set up the first Reggio Emilia Inspired School in Singapore with a fully emergent curriculum. As the school grows in size we are thankful that we can now offer the Blue House experience and quality to more families in Singapore.

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Ben Sanosi

Ben Sanosi – Blue House Co-Owner and Finance Administrator

I am originally from Singapore and when my wife, Shona Sanosi decided to open the school for our children in 2008, I thought I should take a short break from my publishing company to support her with my ‘local knowledge’. When the school was smaller in size I was responsible not only for administrative duties but for the maintenance of the building, all skills which I had to learn from the ground up and the children started to refer to me as ‘Mr Ben’. Now, with the new responsibility as landlord for plot 4 at the old Turf City, I am still very visible around the school, but I am more involved as a landlord and have employed someone else to fix the leaky taps!!
Michelle Gray

Michelle Gray – Assistant Director

My name is Michelle Gray and I am originally from the UK. I have been working at Blue House since January 2013, initially as a Co-Teacher and since September 2013 as Assistant Director.

My career has progressed over a period of 26 years, employed in the private, voluntary and maintained sectors of the childcare industry. I specialise in supporting children with specific needs, implementing inclusive practice wherever possible. The remainder 18 years was spent managing and finally owning my own private day nursery in Derbyshire, England until 2010, prior to moving overseas.

The last 3 years of my career have been spent in Moscow, as a teacher supporting children in Year 1 and Year 2 (6-7yrs), and in Africa as a project manager setting up new provision to support the local community, of which the majority of children had specific needs. Nurturing and educating children globally has broadened my knowledge and experiences even further, understanding cultural diversity, beliefs and values have been an integral aspect of my journey overseas.
I am passionate about children's development and celebrate the milestones of their individual learning journeys. Providing children with concrete opportunities to become natural explorers with inquisitive minds is a pleasing challenge.

I am an optimistic, approachable person, who embraces change well. I have a sense of humour and am very creative in my interests, enjoying music,art and crafts. I love to cook, but face hefty competition in the kitchen at home as my husband, Jamie, excels in this department.
I anticipate you will reap the benefits, as a family, here at Blue House Nursery and International School and look ahead to opening our doors to new children and their families each year.

Ms Liz

Elizabeth Angeles-Tomas – Pedagogical Co-ordinator / Co-Teacher

I have been working at Blue House since September 2009 and that has led me to fulfil my passion for the Reggio Emilia Approach. I am from the Philipines and I obtained my Master in Arts in Early Childhood Education at De La Salle University-Manila. I am thoroughly enriched by my collaborations with the children, families and my colleagues in projects, environments and documentation.

I am very interested in pedagogical documentation, 'listening' to children and making meaning from the children's learning experiences. I marvel at children's discoveries and natural inclination to pursue learning.

The opportunity to participate in the study tour to Reggio Emilia, Italy in April 2012 allowed me to reflect deeper on our practices at the Blue House and to further appreciate the principles of working with children that exist in our school.

Nursery Staff

Ms Irene

Irene Odilao-Azul – Co-Teacher in Training

My name is Irene and I come from the Philippines. I have been teaching at Blue House since September 2013.

I have been working in the field of Early Childhood Education since 2002. After completing my degree in Psychology, I was given the opportunity to join a Montessori school where I first learned where my life was going to take me: working with children. I was then working as a Teacher Trainee while completing a Certificate in Teaching Program.

In 2004, a chance to travel and work with children at the same time came my way when I joined an Australia-based cruise ship and worked as a Youth Counsellor. I got to see the world and be with children of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds as the ship travelled to many parts of Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands.

After this incredible opportunity I decided to shift all my focus on education and in 2008, pursued a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Life led my husband and I to Singapore in 2009, where I had the chance to experience other educational approaches such as play-based and inquiry-based approaches from learning centres and international schools.

Upon completing my Master’s degree, I was excited to continuing exploring the world with children through the Reggio Emilio approach as I joined the Blue House International family.

Ms Kathy

Katherine Timbas – Co-Teacher in Training

Hi I’m Kathy and I have been working at Blue House since March 2012. I am originally from the Philippines and I graduated from the Far Eastern University with a degree of Bachelor of Science major in Psychology. Whilst studying, I also took up some extra units in Education to complete my teaching license. Working with Pre-school children has given me the drive to further my studies and in June 2013 I began my Masters in Early Childhood development.

 I’m a fun loving person and enjoy spending time at the beach and exploring new places. I am very much an ‘outdoor’ person. I adore children and enjoy being with them. I am also a mother of two children.

I’m filled with excitement in tackling this new chapter in my life at the Blue House. I know I can gain and learn a lot in the Reggio Emilia approach as well as impart the experiences and skills I have acquired. I am very blessed and proud to be part of the Blue House International family.

Ms Ciara

Ciara McGuigan – Co-Teacher

Hi, my name is Ciara and I am originally from the UK. I started working at Blue House in September 2013. I lived in Yorkshire for many years where I chose to attend the university of Leeds and study for my degree in Childhood Education. During university vacations I volunteered in a primary school reception class and went on to work with young children and families in various settings. I believe children are able and active learners from birth and, in my experience, young children have a strong exploratory impulse.

As an educator I aim to nurture and develop this impulse as children seek to discover more about the world around them. I chose to work at Blue House as I wish to work in a Reggio Inspired

Due to my family background I have travelled extensively and lived in various countries including Hong-Kong, the Netherlands and the Falkland Islands. These experiences have inspired me to pursue my love of travel and this has led me to the Blue House here in Singapore. I am very excited about the opportunity to explore Singapore and the surrounding islands and countries.
Ms Amalina

Amalina Amin – Teaching Assistant

Hello everyone, my name is Amalina and I am originally from Singapore. I am thrilled to be part of the Blue House International amazing team since September 2013.

I am currently working toward completing my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and plan to continue with more study in years to come. Prior to joining Blue House, I had 3 years of teaching experience in a variety of settings with children aged from 8 months to 6 years old. I find working with children of all ages to be very enjoyable and rewarding work that is a continuous learning journey for both the children and me.

As an educator, I have a passion for providing children with the opportunity to truly be a child. Their thoughts, feelings, questions and interests are valuable to me. They should be loved, play as they learn, respected, given time and be exposed to many opportunities for exploration.

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my love ones, babysitting, traveling, going to the beach and fleamarket hunting.
Ms Yukako

Yukako Kawaguchi – Co-Teacher

I have been a part of the Blue House team since March 2012. I studied for a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Being originally from Japan, my educational journey in Australia's diverse society has shaped my career direction to fully utilise my multicultural knowledge and experience to its fullest in developing enjoyable and meaningful learning environments for children.

I believe that my role as an educator is to support and facilitate children learning and development for them to become competent and confident lifelong learners who can contribute back to society. When I was studying, I was fascinated by the Reggio Emilia Approach to teaching and wanted to experience implementing it myself. Thus, I am privileged to be able to continue developing my knowledge about this approach and improving myself as a reflective educator with the Blue House families. Singapore is a great place to be exposed to different cultures. I look forward to meeting everyone, sharing my culture and learning about yours too.

Ms Jochelle

Jochelle Toh – Teaching Assistant

Hello there, my name is Jochelle from Singapore and I have been working at Blue House since June 2013. I am currently studying for my Diploma in Child Psychology now and plan to take my Bachelors degree in a few years.

My passion with children started when I was working in a Japanese Preschool. Interacting with the little ones has always been very interesting to me and I am always impressed by their questions and answers, for example, when a child asked if blue cheese comes from a blue cow! All of that has inspired me to be a better person and to gain more knowledge.

I am honoured and appreciative to be chosen to work in Blue House International while being exposed to Reggio Emilia and working with teachers and children from different parts of the world.

Pre-School and Kindergarten Staff

Ms Sonali

Sonali Mohla – Co-Teacher

Hi! My name is Sonali and I am from the United Kingdom. I started working at Blue House in September 2013.

I began my career working as a freelance photographer. While communicating concepts and ideas, and interacting with my audience, I discovered my love for teaching. This then led me to do my PGCE in Early Years from London South Bank University. I am passionate about using creative methodologies to engage, inspire and stimulate learning. I became an early childhood teacher, because I enjoy working with children. Children are filled with curiosity. I enjoy encouraging and guiding them as they explore the world around them.

Having lived in various parts of the world - in the UK, India, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia, I feel I can quickly adapt to different cultures and working environments. I believe that ideas and insights of all children should be valued and respected. All children can learn and thrive in a learning environment that is stimulating, comforting and actively encourages the child to participate in the learning process.

Outside of school, I am a mother to my baby girl, Annika, and we keep each other busy and entertained! I also enjoy travelling and exploring the world with my husband.
Ms Doli

Dardanelleis Balisi Lizaso – Co-Teacher

Hi! I am Doli. My family and I migrated from Philippines to Singapore in 2008 and I have been working at Blue House since September 2012.

I brought with me a degree in education and a solid experience in varied teaching environments. I have been passionately marrying the art and science of teaching for 21 years.

My professional journey has included managing a day-care, helping two international schools champion the PYP and I have also worked as a clinician for children with dyslexia whilst I was taking graduate courses in Reading Education. It was in one of those graduate courses that I heard about Reggio Emilia Approach. I have found myself being so drawn to it that Reggio articles constantly appear in my list of professional readings-I embraced the Reggio approach as I do life – with passion and zest.

Off school, I devote time to my family and friends, fitness, writing, literature and volunteer work. I also love camp life and climbing but have not had much of a chance to do those lately. When I do, I hope to add photography in the balance. I look forward to meeting you all.

Ms Sheila

Sheila Pena – Co-Teacher

Hi I am Sheila and I have been working at Blue House since January 2013. I am from the Philippines and have been working in Singapore for four years. Having been born and raised by a preschool teacher, it seems that I am predisposed to working with children.

I finished my Bachelor of Science in Psychology major in Guidance and Counselling and am currently working on a post graduate dissertation in Master of Arts in Reading Education.

As an educator, I thirst for knowledge and experience in various approaches to learning which has led me to be in a number of schools with different approaches and teaching methodologies. In my ten years of working with children, I have realised that there is no such thing as 'one size fits all' in education. Every child is unique and special in their own ways. Everyone has different learning needs and a diverse way of acquiring knowledge which I feel that a Reggio Emilia inspired school is be able to address. In my class, I see to it that children are 'SMAP' - Smart and Active Participants of the learning process, and this is what I see every day in the children at Blue House.

Ms Gemma

Gemma Seward – Co-Teacher

Hi, my name is Gemma and I am from Norwich in the UK. I started my journey at Blue House in September 2013. I have an Honours degree in English Literature and Psychology from the University of East Anglia. I also hold a post graduate certificate of education (PGCE) where I specialised in teaching the Early Years. For the past three years I have been teaching 3 -5 year olds in a Suffolk school.

I am a passionate and dedicated teacher who believes that children should have a creative, sensory and play-based curriculum. I love observing the ways in which children play and discover things for themselves and seeing how they flourish throughout the academic year. It is wonderful to get to know a group of children so intimately that you understand their emotions and personalities. Teaching is such a rewarding and satisfying vocation; I am happy to be making a difference to children’s lives.

I am really excited to live in Singapore and immerse myself in a new culture. I love to travel and am looking forward to exploring Asia with my partner, Haroun. I also love cooking and trying new food, meeting new people, reading, going to the cinema and listening to music.
I feel extremely honoured to be part of the Blue House family and I look forward to meeting everyone in the community.

Ms Hannah

Hannah Olsen – Co-Teacher

Hello everyone, my name is Hannah and I am from the UK. I have been teaching at Blue House since September 2013. After completing a BA Honours English Literature degree at the University of Exeter, I studied a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. For the past three years I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a Reception class teacher, exploring and discovering through exciting projects with children aged 4-5.

I am passionate about children’s literature and the teaching of early literacy skills. In my most recent post I was responsible for co-ordinating the teaching of reading and writing for children aged 4-7. I also have a particular interest in the teaching of early mathematics, and have been involved in a two year research project focused on problem solving, reasoning and numeracy in the Early Years.

I believe learning should be playful, practical and purposeful, and am delighted to have the opportunity to work within the Reggio Emilia approach. I strongly relate to Loris Malaguzzi’s understanding that “Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible.” I enjoy working with the children, parents and staff within the Blue House community to achieve this.

Ms Nurulhuda

Nurulhuda Mohamed Hanapiah – Co-Teacher

Hello everyone, I am Nurulhuda ( Huda) and I am from Singapore. I began my Blue House journey in September 2013.

I have a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from SEED INSTITUTE and since 2009 I have been working with young children in a variety of roles and international settings in Singapore.

I have always had a strong interest in the Reggio Emilia approach to education and I was delighted to join the Blue House to learn more and deepen my understanding of this area of education- the possibilities are endless. Aside from teaching, I also enjoy running, kickboxing and practicing yoga during my free time.
Ms Eli

Nor Eliyana Jahir – Co-Teacher

My name is Eli and I come from Singapore. I have been in the Early Childhood field since 2002 and have been working at Blue House since September 2013. I currently hold my DPT and DPL certificates in Early Childhood Education and I’m hoping to further my studies in the near future.

During my time in the industry, I have had experience working with children of different age groups ranging from toddlers to six year olds in the various settings. I firmly believe that children are competent learners. They amaze us with their bountiful capabilities and I agree with Loris Malaguzzi when he talked about the pleasure of learning, knowing and understanding, how it is an essential feeling. The pleasure of learning is strongly interwoven with the social relations, feeling and emotions that people have.

He talks about the importance of doing ‘nothing without joy’. "As partner to the child, the teacher is inside the learning situation" (Hewett, 2001).
I’m an outgoing person and I enjoy spending time in the outdoors. I enjoy capturing moments with my camera, travelling and discovering new places, cultures and languages, reading and scuba diving.

I wish to work within the Reggio Emilia approach to guide and facilitate and work together with the team, children and parents of Blue House International in the years to come.

Ms Ekta

Ekta Taneja – Co-Teacher

Hello! My name is Ekta Taneja and I have been working at Blue House since May 2013. I gained a Bachelors and Masters in Human Development at University of Delhi, India. As an educator and advocator in the Early childhood profession for over 8years, I have come to understand the profound importance of quality early learning experiences and its effect on a young child’s development. I have been deeply influenced by the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and believe play is at the heart of all learning. Being an educator at Blue House is such an enriching journey, and great blessing.

I am committed to cultivating relationships based on respect, acknowledgment, the individual needs of the child and the classroom as a community. It is my hope to foster a sense of connectedness and belonging in the group, and to encourage self-awareness, autonomy, and confidence. In my view, children are capable learners, inquisitive thinkers, and fearless experimentalists.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, backpacking, travelling and decorating my apartment.

Specialist Teachers

Ms Ais

Siti Aisyah Bte Mohd Taib – Co-Manager of Infant & Toddler Atelier

 My name is Ais and I have been working in the early childhood field since 2007 in both local and international settings.

I started work at Blue House in 2010 and since then my interest and experience of the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching has grown. I continue to be intrigued by the approach and how children respond to the wonder of open ended experiences. In 2012, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to become Co-Manager of the Infant & Toddler Atelier at Blue House Nursery & International School.

I believe in the importance of education starting from the early years and it is a joy to contribute to every child's learning journey and every such experience adds to my own learning too.

In my spare time I enjoy socialising, extreme sports, motorbikes, travel and arranging parties for both adults and children.

Ms Nicola

Nicola Williams – Music Pedagogista

Hello! My name is Nicola, I grew up in the South of England. I moved to Singapore in October 2011 to further my teaching career, and over the last two years I have had some wonderful experiences and am thoroughly enjoying my life and journey here in Asia. I joined the Blue House team in September 2013.

Upon graduating in 2006 from Redroofs Theatre School, I was offered an Early Years position in South London teaching performing arts to young children.

During my three years working for Stagecoach Theatre Arts I also spent my time working with Agent Mary Nelson London Management. My time with them, led me to some very memorable acting experiences. The most memorable I would have to say was working for Warner Bro's. I spent six amazing months filming for Harry Potter & 'The Half Blood Prince' & 'The Deathly Hallows'.

Since arriving in Asia, I have continued my passion with the early years working for Centre Stage School of the Arts. Over the last two years I have been involved with many different courses, including Mother & Baby programmes, Drama, Dance & Music. Teaching in so many programmes across the board has allowed me to broaden my horizons and gain invaluable experience. Not just with the early years (to have which there is so much reward) but has also opened my eyes to how rewarding it is to work with the older children. This work led to my staging some very memorable musical theatre productions. Managing everything from set to choreography to direction.

Administrative Staff

Ms Diana

Diana Shahabuddin – Office Manager & Discover Co-ordinator

Hello, my name is Diana and I am from Singapore.

I joined Blue House International in May 2012 as an Admin Assistant & Discover Co-ordinator and in July 2013 I happily added marketing assistant and assistant office manager to my job scope. I am enjoying the new challenge and I am sure most of you will know me as the lady who handles all the enquiries for our numerous Discover Programmes at Blue House!

I have been working in the administrative line in both medical and educational sector for over 8 years and hold a Certificate in Office Skills.

I am a mother to my 3 overactive boys aged 8, 7 and 3 years. I enjoy reading and cooking but my passion is dancing, to which I hope to be doing again once I have more time on my hands.

Ms Jehan

Jehan Naina – Administrative Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Jehan and I joined the Blue House administrative team in August 2013. I was born and raised in beautiful Singapore. I graduated from the School of Business Studies in 2003 and majored in Tourism and Hospitality. I have since explored the administrative field in various industries ranging from retail, banking and investment, publishing to marine and offshore. I truly anticipate the opportunity given to me at Blue House International - I was enticed by the uniqueness of its approach to children’s education and care. I hope to learn from and as much as to contribute to the Blue House in this somewhat new learning journey for me to explore the education industry.

Work aside, I love running. It is the best form of escape for me and nothing beats the motivating rush I can get after a good run! I am a mother to a very chatty five-year old girl. I can pretty much say that my world revolves around her because she is constantly charged.

Service and Maintenance Staff

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